Labor Day @ LDB

It's crazy summer is already coming to a close. Sad enough that we won't mention it from here on out!

Today I bring my season out at Port Clinton to a close at Lock, Dock & Barrel. I play from right now, this second, to 10pm so come celebrate the warmth while it's here. 

Here at LDB it's a Sunday fun day and they have some fun day specials going on with $2 domestic bottles, BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato) sandwich and some special shots just to top it off. 

It's the place to be to bring in Labor Day tomorrow! Show your face and make it known!

Camp Runinmuck

I snuck a show in there for this weekend...  This Sunday, July 27th I will travel to the rock of Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio where I will play a few sets for the people of Camp Runinmuck from 2:00pm-6:00pm.  I have had the pleasure of playing a handful of times at Camp Runinmuck a couple of years ago and it lends itself to be a good time.  Some fun people always seem to show up.  For more info on Runinmuck, check here.  Maybe I will see you this weekend!

Next week brings me close to home in downtown Perrysburg where I will be at Swig on Thursday night and Stella's Friday night.



I love technology...

It seems we all have one of these smart devices in our pockets most of the time.  So, if you would like to be able to know when I am playing a show all of the time using your smart device without having to head to this here website all the time, you can do that.

If you are an Apple user, send an email to and let me know what iCloud email you would like me to share my "Jason shows" calendar with and I will share the calendar as soon as possible.

If you are an Android user, head to your Google Calendar and add a new calendar using the "Add by URL" feature under the "Other Calendars" tab and use this URL: webcal://

It's a beautiful thing.

For those of you that use Apple, your calendar will always be accurate up to the second since I also use Apple iOS as my main calendar.  Android users, your calendar will be accurate as soon as I update my ArtistData website, which I always try to do as soon as possible.

Hope you all enjoy and can use this to your advantage when you are out and about and it dawns on you that maybe you are due for a Jason show! Much love and appreciation...