Jason guitar dance.


Stepping out as a solo acoustic musician in the summer of 2006, Jason picked up his first steady gig in a smoky hookah bar near the University of Toledo, Ohio. Using only a guitar and microphone while steadily evolving his sound to eventually incorporate live-looping technology, Jason makes music that has been labeled as "organic-acoustic-roots-music." In a live setting, he creates a "one man band" by recording live guitar, beat boxes, and other percussive sounds, then loops them back while playing and singing over top of the looped sounds.

In early 2020, he loaded a moving truck with his family and possessions and moved from Toledo, Ohio to Bluffton, South Carolina where he will continue to gig regularly on Hilton Head Island and the old town Bluffton area.

He performs over 100 cover songs ranging from a plethora of decades and genres from artists such as The Beatles, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Sublime, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Phillip Phillips, Ray LaMontagne and many more. Audience members have said how they love the unique flavor he adds to each song while keeping the integrity of the original artist rendition noticeable.

Jason also has a handful of original songs that are mixed in his sets. The music he writes draws influence from the genres of rock, folk, reggae, blues and hip hop. His songs are very groove-driven behind vocals that draw their influence from every day situations and observations of his faith, being a husband and father, cultural contexts and stories from the vast amount of people he meets at his shows.

A plethora of emotions are weaved through each show, though Jason’s laid-back and uplifting demeanor are at the forefront through his skillful guitar playing and soulful vocals.