Jason LaPorte Music

Fall/Winter 2022

Every Wednesday through February: Sea Pines - Fraser's Tavern 5-8pm.

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2020 brought a lot of change to the world. For Jason LaPorte, it started by pulling up roots in the Toledo, Ohio music scene that were seeded back in 2006, and re-planting in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Having the chance to join the amazing Hilton Head Island & Bluffton music scene has been a blessing, despite the challenges that surfaced as the year moved on. Heading into his fourth season in the Lowcountry, Jason hopes to continue to offer the uplifting experience his shows lend the audience.

Jason's music is acoustic guitar-driven, backed by live-looping technology laced with beat-boxes and rhythms. His laid-back and uplifting demeanor come through at the forefront of his skillful guitar playing and soulful vocals. With over 100 cover tunes coming from classics like Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Band, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Bob Marley all the way to more modern greats like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Sublime, John Mayer and so many more, Jason aims to please the ears of everyone in his audience in some way, shape or form. Jason layers in a handful of original songs dedicated to the likes of his wife, children and life experiences he has had along the way.